Friday, January 12, 2007

And now a friendly reminder...

Taken from Netease. Translation is my own.

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Chinese Foreign Affairs Department spokesperson, Liu Jianchao, denounced accusations made in the “Human Rights Watch” organization’s recent publication of the 2006 China Human Rights report, and expressed China’s opposition to any country willing to use human rights as an excuse to increase political pressure or interfere with China’s internal affairs.

Liu Jianchao remarked: “The ’Human Rights Watch’ organization has always carried a prejudice against China, and its human rights reports on China are always produced with a political agenda in mind and are not done out of good faith. The content of the reports is usually untrue.”

Liu continued, “the Chinese government has continuously labored to advance reform of the Chinese legal system, establish completely democratic legal institutions, create a peaceful, just, and harmonious society, and realize peoples' development according to the principles of our nation’s constitution, which both respects and guarantees human rights.”

“If the organization really wants to help advance China’s human rights situation, it ought to fairly appraise the improvements that China has made in the field of human rights, cast off its 'colored glasses,' and view China with an attitude that is both just and fair.

Every country has to deal with its own set of circumstances, and it is normal for there to be differences in the the way human rights exists in different countries. China is willing exchange views with other countries on terms of equality and mutual respect.”

Wow, there's an English copy too on the Xinhua news site, and it is in much more of an ass kicking mood than the Chinese version. Check it out and compare it with mine. Funny how China is always so harsh in the English language media and more conciliatory in the local media.

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