Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alternate takes: The Prestige

I don't know how to make a jump on blogger, and am too lazy to find out. So here's how I would've finished the movie, written in invisible ink. Mix lemon juice to make it magically appear:

Cutter stops and waits outside the theater after delivering the Tesla machine to Angiers. Watches silently, glaring as Borden (Alfred? The one who loved Sarah?) goes in and has his scene with Angiers. Setting the fire he walks out, and Cutter is still outside, waiting for him and shoots him. Drags his body inside.The little girl inherits all, and the two/three obsessives meet like ends, symmetry in the narrative.

As it is, the movie gives a tacit nod to Borden who is at least complicit in a sadistic sort of lifestyle, even if it didn't involve Danton's ritualized nightly murder-suicides.

Alternatively, Cutter at least glares at him when handing the girl over. She can have a father (uncle really), but it's grudging.

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