Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alternate takes: Civil War

Civil War (for those of you who aren't Danny Don't) was Marvel's last event crossover where a disaster amongst superpowered beings prompted the US gov't to enact registration laws--an arguable "realistic" idea and really a pretty good one for a story. So all the superfolks line up for and against, and this being about superheros, punch their way to resolution. Along the way, Captain America starts recruiting sociopaths, Iron Man connives like Lex Luthor, Venom gets pupils, and I ponder who're the idiots who had to approve Clor. Basically, a good idea executed even worse than expected, which is to say, clumsier than having the drug czar's daughter in Traffic sell herself to the representative young/black man/inner city menace, who thankfully didn't talk jive like drug dealers in 21 Jump Street. Actually, Civil War's not that bad if you think of Tony Stark as Rhett Butler and Steve Rodgers as Scarlett O'Hara..."Frankly, Captain America, I don't give a damn." Spider-Man is Ashely and Reed Richards is codependent Mammy.* Except, I guess, the South wins.**

Anyway, it's just been revealed to much fanboy whinging, that instead of Loki or Iron Man himself, the whole fracas might've been instigated by the shape-shifting other known as Skrulls. A pretty weak idea. In the course of lamenting it, though, a Newsarama commenter describes the bad idea in the form of what I think is a great idea.

Suddenly, Skrulls!

If I was one of those folks with inclination, I'd photoshop a fake Broadway sign with that phrase, lights around it like 42nd Street or Ziegfeld Follies. I know it'd be hard in comic book form but Marvel should sure as hell make its next crossover a musical if it can.

* This might not make sense if you've read the book or watched the movie, of which I've done neither. It amuses me though.
** Until the Hulk, representing the economic and industrial might of more developed North, smashes. World War Hulk indeed. My next rpg character's gotta be named Sherman Hulk.


HoBs said...

so should i read it or not. and which ones?

I've been thining about it, though at the end, just way too many titles, wasn't sure if it was worth just reading a few.

hcduvall said...

General consensus seems to be that the tie-ins mostly stalled for time, and so did the first 6 issues of the main mini, so I don't think you need to read any. Scrolly down and read instead:

A few of the ancillary handled themselves well, notably Amazing Spider-Man, Frontline, Captain America (Ed Brubaker: making supers in tights make sense) and FF occasionally (meaning, Reed Richards seems to be an overdetached but rational being as opposed to crazy cloning pants). Despite the main event being grossly uneven, moving forward all the individual lines are apparently handling the aftermath well...but um, you were asking about crossovers in approachable snack trade packs?

If you're willing to read not Civil War, the good Marvel slugfests were:

Annihilation--Silver Surfer, Nova, and scrubs fight a cosmic war. Cosmic War! See, already good.

Planet Hulk--The illuminati of the Marvel U. (Black Panther, Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, Professor X, Black Bolt, and Tony Stark) send the Superhuman of Mass Destruction to another planet. 12 issues of Hulk as Conan follow. Which, by the by, is the set up for the storyline that started this week, World War Hulk, where Hulk, surprisingly angry, has returned to punch things.

Sadly, both of these are only in floppy or hc right now. Stupid Marvel. I'm sitting here waiting to spend my money on softcovers, damnit.

hcduvall said...

You could also plunk down for one of those dvd-roms with 40+ years worth of a series...

HoBs said...

yeah, hate reading stuff online, especialyl comics. been meaning to read the Heroes comics online, but just a pain in the butt.

I saw in the bookstore a couple days ago Neal Gaiman's contribution to Civil War, with what looked like the Marvel Universe version of the Endless. So made me think about buying it. But yeah, wasn't sure if it was worth it, especially not having the rest of the story.

Though partly in tribute to izicmo's profession, part of what makes me want to buy one is the covers are really well designed.

hcduvall said...

I didn't read all of the Eternals. It's a revamp of a Jack Kirby concept--who went on to make the New Gods with DC. A little like the Endless with punching, but maybe a bit closer to being like Norse or actual mythologies, rather than about mythology (Gaiman's shtick). It doesn't have great John Romita, Jr art. If it means anything, it's pretty unrelated to Civil War.