Friday, June 1, 2007

fast zombies vs. slow zombies

Slow zombies are the slow, horrible encroachment. Damp things you can't stop. Slow zombie movies are about life without your brain. Being dead in your body or your mind. That's useful metaphoring right there.

Fast zombies are pouncy, like smelly sabertooth tigers. Or big roaches. Fast zombie movies are slasher films. That's panic, not dread.

Slow zombies rule.

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Chengora said...

I, too, prefer slow zombies, but that's mostly because the humans in zombie movies either 1) didn't bring the right equipment with them, 2) are too stupid to have thought of bringing the right equipment, or 3) are too stupid to make some of the right equipment.

And what is the right equipment, you ask? Grenades. Explosives. IEDs. Things that take out multiple, slow moving objects, particularly when they are densely packed together, aren't paying attention (or aren't able to), and attracted to bright, flashing lights. If filmmakers create genuine military or even effective responses to zombies, then you need fast zombies.

Until then, slow zombies - and the inexorable creeping doom that they embody - rule.