Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm deeply conflicted...

It's a thrill to see Jackie Chan and Jet Li together for the first time (though honestly, their styles kinda clash). It wasn't till the middle of this trailer that I realized that this was an American production (there's another version that reveals this as Neverending Story in China much more explicitly). I'm a bit fearful that this'll be Bulletproof Monk again...ah well, I'll probably still l see it. It won't be worse than House of Flying Daggers right? Right?

Also, Tan Dun--so over. Please get someone else. Use that fellow that Johnny To uses. Heck, get Johnny To some of that big Hollywood money and import his style. I like the actors from Asia too, but if you can't get them to commit to more interesting projects, then start pulling in the directors. We don't need no Edison Chen.


Jonny America said...

I think you are prejudiced against brother Edison's good looks, and his extraordinary luck with Hong Kong's leading ladies.

hcduvall said...

That's me, being topical.

Anyway, I don't think it's his luck exactly, that got them in that mess.