Thursday, December 21, 2006

MacGuyver...for Christmas!

Admit it, you all wanted a Swiss Army knife as soon as you saw MacGuyver. Oh, the dreams of stopping a smuggling ring, shutting down a drug baron, or (in my personal favorite episode) going back in time (or another dimension), helping Merlin (yes, that Merlin), and showing him the wonders of matches and scissors - all accomplished through the miracle of a rubber band, a paper clip, and..the Swiss Army knife.

Well, the Swiss Army company (?) has created a knife that would put MacGuyver to shame. Or, looking at it another way, allow him to SAVE THE WORLD.,,1965050,00.html

You're all on notice: this is what I want from Santa.


hcduvall said...

2 points of contention.

1) The man's name is MacGyver, MacGuyver would be the Scottish version of an alien-fighting bio-weapon being chased by Mark Hammill.

2) You didn't mention when he stopped the nuclear bomb with a bar of chocolate.

Chengora said...

While technically-speaking MacGyver is correct, the bionic cyborg that is MacGuyver is awesome.

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