Thursday, December 28, 2006

man in a bed, bug in a bed

Festivities in my family were at the Pennyslvania branch this year. We just lost gift-giving (my family gatherings get big, and the financial strain combine with our generally creeping age knocked out a half-hearted practice as it was), and post Christmas eve pot-luck buffet (especially good this year, I think. Popo's scallion pancakes being fresher than usual.), my cousins and I, the nearly all post-college kids table, were left to our devices for entertainment.* The tradition is now a game of Pictionary, which I've come to enjoy in creeping fashion, despite losing every time. Wasn't much of a fan when it started, actually, but who wants to rain on the parade? Anyway, we didn't have the board game itself this time, but scrounged up a die, a timer from Balderdash or something, and pez dispensers (Batman, C3PO, and Kermit) for pieces while someone studiously made a paper board. Then we all made "cards", 3 objects, 3 person or place, 3 difficult, and 3 all play.** Good times.

It's not in any particular order, though the first one did come first. We allowed "with", which is a freaking preposition, and we did discard a few which either seemed to hard or the picker didn't recognize. George Clooney and durian respectively, though the former doesn't seem that bad. Here's what we ran with:

Auctioning Parents' Antique Collection
margaret cho
3rd reich
endangered species
white lies
mr. miagi
jane goodall
Christmas tree

*We tried to start a poker game for Popo money, but I admit to being one of the ones unwilling to commit to that.
**I'm not sure we actually know the rules, not that that matters much. But you pair up (evens anyway), and whoever rolls highest goes first. The team that has a turn then pulls a card from the deck (hat). One person draws, which alternates (or is whoever didn't write the item in question) while the other person guesses, hopefully correctly, before time runs out. Occasionally you'll get an "All Play" card or a regular one with an all play symbol, which means every team goes without a timer, and whoever guesses first wins and rolls the die and moves. Everyone waits their turn, but the last space has to be reached exactly, and you have to win an All Play.


Chengora said...

How the hell could you allow "with?" And what did they draw?

Mike said...

I've got one for "Auctioning Parents' Antique Collection":

1) draw a stick drawing of a house
2) headstones
3) "$" in the attic of the house

HoBs said...

That's pretty good. Though we were more strict on no symbols this year. So no $.