Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Obviously, the plan was flawed.

Hmm...starting a blog thing in the middle of holidays seems to not have panned out. I did have a series of preplanned posts to keep content up, but the lack of timeliness took the fervor out, and any other posts would be about how the other night, I tripped on the flat broad surface that is the street, and walked down the street shamefacedly, and then a car drove by and the people inside laughed at me. True story that.

Didn't anyone get presents to present blog or something? I got a lovely toiletry bag, which is something I needed. The family actually decided no presents, starting this year, so what we got was technically illegal. That and a red pouch from grandma.


Chengora said...

I don't know if the blog hasn't panned out, although I am wondering where our other two contributors are. As for loot, I got several bottles of Shiseido Men's products (from an aunt - don't ask me why), a leftover iPod, and a red pouch from Grandma. What is it about those pouches?

Oh, and two movie tickets.

Plus, I had lots of questions, both posed to me by my parents (What are you and your girlfriend planning? Is she on birth control?) and ones that I posed (Are you guys ready for retirement? Could you explain why you want an MBA, other than you're worried about your job moving to India?).

And, weirdly enough, I think I got a date. My family for whatever reason decided to go to church (note: we're not Christian), where I proceeded to sit through a presentation by a young doctor about her travels treating and proselytizing in Pakistan and Morocco. This wouldn't have been so bad except that:

1. I think her work makes my work harder but causing lots of people to think "U.S.-funded" = "trying to convert you".

2. While I was in the middle of saying this (loudly) to other people there, she sat down next to me. Good times.

In any event, she found what I did interesting, asked for my card, then proceeded to say "I think you'd love this friend of mine."


hcduvall said...

Out of curiosity, does increasing the amount in the red pouch signal panic and thoughts of moratlity, like it does in my family? I know that's what my popo is thinking when she does that.

Also, obviously I want to hear about no. 2.

*Daniel has important work, not to be interrupted on penalty of vigorous death.

Chengora said...

Grandma has always had a keen eye for a real estate deal, but despite this business acumen, she proudly holds to the tradition of keeping money hidden somewhere in her house. Why she would want US bills in Taiwan is beyond me, but the amount of money in the pouch has not increased in several years.

That said, when we called to thank her for the money, she dropped a hint that I should be well on my way to making her a great-grandmother, hopefully by the time I see her in April. Again, good times.

As for number 2, nothing much actually happened. The guy across from me got a "oh crap" look on his face, I stopped talking, then said, "She's sitting right next to me, isn't she?" Fortunately, I don't think she understood. However, my sister did walk by, pull me aside, and tell me not to cause a fight. Man, I really wanted to. And of course, everyone else kept trying to bring the issue up again. Ugh, I hate these events.