Friday, April 27, 2007

Taiwan Fracas

In response to a comment made in some other post, it's time to return to serious matters. Namely, Taiwan independence again.

Well, no. Really, I just have time to share this website, which lists numerous science badges. I'm pretty sure I qualify for the:
  1. "I left the respectable sciences to pursue humanistic studies of the sciences" badge
  2. "I can be a prick when it comes to science" badge
  3. "sexing up science" badge
  4. "I know what a tadpole is" badge
  5. "somewhat confused as to what scientific field I actually belong to" badge
  6. "statistical linear regression" badge

There may be others, but I have certainly not earned the "have violated the posterior of an animal in the name of science" badge.

1 comment:

HoBs said...

The "has frozen stuff just to see what happens" badge (LEVEL III)
In which the recipient has frozen something in liquid nitrogen for the sake of scientific curiosity.

Ah good times. Though it was mostly at the impetus of my friend in college who worked in a lab that had the access of liquid nitrogen.

The "I bet I know more computer languages than you, and I'm not afraid to talk about it" badge.

Sigh. It's sad. I think I counted once, and got up to the high teens... c, c++, perl, java, html, scheme, httpd, stata, matlab, sas, sql, assembly, awk, sed, lisp, gauss, fortran, pascal, basic a few more I'm sure... And the sad thing is I don't think I've programmed anything more substantial than a vcr in maybe 6 years.

The "world's foremost expert on an obscure subject" badge.

Heh. I think I can claim that by being the only person who has studied the Economics of Apologies.

The "I've set fire to stuff" badge (LEVEL I).

Ah... Good times. When burning ants with mangnifying glasses becamse a small brush fire in a national park, neighbors with brooms, and fire department.

The "working on alternative fuels" badge

Technically true.

The "I build robots" badge (LEVEL III)
In which recipients have built a fully autonomous robot.