Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bloglines + Heroes + filler

For those three of you who may read this,* may I direct you to several of esteemed content providers on the right? I should've when I added them, but am a fool.

Geoff Klock analyses comics and pop culture with intellectual rigor and discipline. I can only do that for things I don't. Recommendations are much cooler than snubs. Therefore Geoff Klock is much cooler than me, despite the villainous moniker.

Warren Peace reviews lots of promising comics. If they're good he'll tell you. And if they're not he'll tell you also. And he uses a scanner. So he blogs text and pictures practically everyday, which leads me to suspect he's a supernatural creature of some sort, or at least has one in his service.

Clean Plate Club catalogs places with good food in New York City. That probably makes it the most useful of the lot. And it's witty too.

Memes provides Hobs the space for Hobs to pontificate without my rude interruption. Actually thats not true, but it'd doubtless be a good thing if it were true.

And I don't think this merits its own post, so here it is, stuck to the bottom of the shoe: I saw part of Heroes last night, and I must say, I didn't realize that a full third of the people seem to have emo haircuts. And then I watched Volver and processed four thoughts: Penelope Cruz is really pretty. Pedro Almodolvar is really good. His sense of proportion regarding the beauty of pure emotions and personal responsibility (emotional concessions to social mores) seems off. (see also: Talk to Her) I would kill for wallpaper like the patterns that appeared during the credits.**


* Ahh, I'm behind on my reading list posts, huh? Naruto and Mushishi: not done. Bleach: coming up. I wonder how often I can change the template in a simulation of progress--or use these filler posts in a simulation of content production.
** Not a human being. Probably, just any animal you don't automatically anthropomorpize. I might maim though; I liked the patterns that much.



Mike said...

< filler comment >
Geez, another color pallet swap? Make up your mind, dagnabbit! Seriously though, this one's probably the best yet.
< /filler comment >

Katie Davis said...

Hey, thanks for the link. And I agree entirely with your assessment of Almodovar. Also of Penelope Cruz, come to think of it. Right on.