Monday, May 7, 2007

Die Spinne III

Maybe I make too many concessions to adaptations, and perhaps I didn't think the second one was much better than the first, and therefore the apotheosis of comic book movie. I liked Spider-Man 3. I thought it handled itself well, and I think it was better for all the clutter than a smoother, simpler plot--which would've involved a lot more emotional hammering (that's what I think of the second one).

All the excesses and tics of the first two are present here, after all. Dead earnestness is always required for the melodrama, and while the effects have kept on improving, the character's have always been the most important part (which is probably why I don't mind not being in costume so much). Swinging only looks cool when he's falling anyway. I'm slightly annoyed with a butler scene.* Some scenes probably needed more breathing room, but I prefer the clunky movie we got, rather than an interminable 3 hour slog. Which of course meant any draggy bits had to be shorter (than the second one again. What? did people actually like that doctor impotent thing, or the neighbor's cookie scene?). It's like a comic printed on a bad register, the colors all fall out of lines, and his hand looks like it's the jacket, but it's better for it.


My degree in advanced nerd compels me to say that there ought to be at least 3 more movies: No. 4 A disabled, powerful industrialist hires a thieves to steal Oscorp technology in the hopes gaining some of the biotech. He hires Dr. Curt Connors to decipher the tech. Terrible accident caused by Spider-Man creates the Lizard, who Spider-Man needs to stop. But oh, another thief made off with the straight tech. No. 5 The industrialist Alister Smythe attacks with the Spider-Slayers, and outfits another thief with a powered suit (The Scorpion), in hopes of getting the rest of the Osborn technology. Spider-Man needs to rescue Dr. Connors, who is captured and convinced to continue the research in hopes of curing himself, even as he is asked to advance the serums for the Smythe. Smythe thinks Connors is holding out on him and doses him. Inexplicably Connors looks cured and he doses himself. In the meantime Spider-Man tracks them down with the help of the thief from the 4th movie, the Black Cat. Connors helps Smythe escape, even as he helps Spider-Man beat the Scorpion.
No. 6 Enter the Sinister Six: Kraven the Hunter appears to chase after Spider-Man for ratings for the first act, and just when he's cornered: the Scorpion, Mysterio (as Doc Ock has sadly been rendered useless), and Carnage (a failed synthesis of the Osborne serum and the symbiote also created by the gov't) at the same time, all manipulated by Smythe, the newly insane new Goblin. Venom reappears just 'cause he hates spider-Man that much, though you know he'll fight Carnage later. Only with Sandman and Black Cat, and I dunno, with someone like Silver Sable (hired to capture Kraven), will Spider-Man have a chance.


The overstuffed nature actually made it similar to my old comic reading experience. All it needed was a caption box with the editor telling you where to read scenes you missed (the novelization, as those things are usually based on a full screenplay). Spectacular to see this scene, or check out avengers number whatever to find out about the meteor that is a remnant of an inhuman battle with the fantastic four or something. Which, in the end, is probably why I seem to like this movie better than most people do. All the stories I didn't see on screen I've read and have in my head. I know all the whys and wherefores, plugged the gaps, and moved along.

* And I have fanboy complaint: the spider-sense wasn't played up much. If he looks in the right direction most of the time, it would've worked. And Venom clocking him would indicate he does sense him. You can even exposit that "you don't see me, do you?" or something. But fanboy complaints are worth as much as a blog post.


Anonymous said...


I saw the movie this weekend too, and was annoyed by the butler scene as well. Dude, don't you think that's an important detail to share sooner rather than later? Anyway, I do think there's room for Carnage in a future movie because Dr. Connors still has a piece of the symbiote (sp?), right?. Then Carnage and somehow the Lizard can go fight Spiderman. And maybe kill off Gwen Stacy to further add to Spiderman's pain.

By the way, how did Venom know all about the Sandman's daughter when they met? Did he do some offscreen research?

hcduvall said...

Yeah, I think Harry should've either stared in the mirror and decided to save Mary Jane (and forgiven Peter during the fight), or had a talking to with Norman and emerged against being ruled by an evil, sadistic ghost dad.

Leaving the symbiote is good. Carnage and the Lizard suitably seeded. Though they've left Gwen pretty superfluous and the relationship with Peter hard to fix. Can you imagine forgiving jerkiness of that magnitude? "It wasn't me, it was the symbiote!"

Hmm...does Venom mention the girl? Is he coming after Sandman talks to Spider-Man about the girl? Because that'd work well...imagine a fight scene between Sandman and Spidey where Venom (who doesn't set off any Spider-Sense) bouncing around the whole time, maybe helping, maybe hurting...oh Spider-Sense, why'd they forget you?