Wednesday, May 2, 2007

He should have gone with Hex

The other day I rented Reboot: Daemon Rising, which is the first "movie" in season 4 of the tv series (the dvd was apparently mastered improperly, so everyone sounds dreadful). I remember it fondly--it was basically action-adventure show with it's nerdage on its sleeve, even if no one remembers the pilot episode like I do, where they were threatening to emerge from the disk drive or something. . . . Anyway, I think it pulled off its animation the same way that Batman and Tron did, actually good design without muss. And by naming characters after obsolete printer systems. And there was this one, where the web is first introduced, and Scsi and Modem guest star...

In honor of its half-hours of geeky amusement, the recap of Season 3:

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Mike said...

You know, Gilbert & Sullivan can make anything more amusing.